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Welcome to ‘Isla Aventuras’ which is Spanish for Island Adventures. This website shows all of the unique Islands you, your family, friends, partner or even your pet can explore! with the company of a nice and friendly tour guide who will take you around the chosen Island for your grand Adventure! Chose between the beginner pack, moderate pack, intermediate pack or for the risk takers the Adventurous pack! Each pack gives a longer, harder, more enjoyable experience. From a relaxing trip in nice pre-built shelters and nice food to a dangerous, adrenaline, self-made shelters and hunted food trip! We recently have added a new form of Adventure, ‘Island Survival’ spend up to 3 weeks on the island with only the small amount of supplies you start with! can you do it?

! NEW !

We now set up Holiday Adventures for you and your friends and family! Just list a few places you’d like to travel to around the world and we’ll set it all up for you! its easy and its pretty well priced!

More info Coming soon…